• Road traffic accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Tripping/Slipping claims
  • Defective products
  • Industrial injury
  • Injuries arising from criminal acts

Personal Injury

If you have an accident which is not your fault you may be entitled to compensation.

Matthew Waite has considerable experience of personal injury claims. He has acted successfully in numerous cases ranging from minor claims where, for example a client slipped on a grape in a supermarket and received compensation of £1000 to major claims such as brain damage where the compensation exceeded £1.4m.

We do not undertake Legal Aid work nor do we operate on a “no win - no fee” basis, as we feel strongly that solicitors should not have a financial interest in the outcome of their client’s claims. Instead, we offer a fixed fee initial consultation at a cost of £160 plus VAT where we will assess the likelihood of success; the likely level of compensation and the various funding options available. In most cases, we are even able to arrange insurance to cover you against the risk of being ordered to pay your opponent’s costs.